I Have A Dream

“I have a dream!” Martin Luther King started his probably most famous speech in Washington DC with those words. “I have a dream” I wanna start my blog today December 8th, more than 50 years later.

I have a dream that this world is created in the image of an all-loving and caring God who sent his son into the world, born by a young woman we simply call “Mary” to reunite us with him.

I have a dream that we – the human race – are called to live our lives up to our full potential. As we prepare for Christmas we wanna re-acknowledge that God in Jesus Christ ┬ábecomes present in our hearts, minds and actions.

I have a dream that we are no longer seeking to hurt each other but to help and heal wherever possible because we are all aware that our God is a God of love since he is Love.

I have a dream that those who have responsibility in our world become aware of their power to change this world for the better.

I have a dream that the joy of Christmas finds our hearts so that our families and communities will change the world to a better place for every human being.

I have a dream that all peoples from all over the world gather together in unity because we identify in each other the embrace of this ever-loving and caring God. Realising that we cannot but sharing our wealth and our concerns with one another. Compassionate love for one another will drive us into a community of brothers and sisters.

I have a dream that we overcome the boundaries of gender, language, religion, the color of our skin or the different sexual orientations because at the end LOVE prevails.

I have a dream that one day all people will share their place in the heavenly banquet in the Kingdom of our God.

Looking into our world it is on me to decide what I see: a world filled with hate and violence or a glimpse of the world to come, a glimpse of the dream I have. I decide for the later: I have a dream.

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