On Christmas day we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. A small little child was born in Bethlehem. It could have been a day like any other but there was something special about that child. Not only that his mother was unmarried, people were also talking that she even was a virgin. How could that be? More than 2000 years ago a child was born under mysterious circumstances. Today – 2000 years later – we still remember! The birth of a little baby changed the world! This little child – born in the midst of nowhere unrecognised by the rich and famous of his days – should change the course of history. His impact in history literally changed the way we look at history. Even today his birth is so fundamentally important that we relate all events in history to his birth. No other person in history made such an impact.

Even though all the above is pretty impressive it is just a part of what we celebrate on Christmas day, and a rather small part I might add. As I prepare for Christmas what is much more important to me is what happens today. Christmas is not first of all a nostalgic event created for our economy to boost selling numbers but Christmas is very much about you and me and the way we relate to each other.

So why do we celebrate Christmas? God enters this world. The message of Christmas is the manifestation of a God who wants to be in touch with humankind, no, he wants to be in touch with every single human being, wants to be in touch with you and me. So even today Jesus is born into our world, not so much as a little baby but as a little light into our hearts. This way he is touching our very being, fulfilling our desires. This light enables us to become more and more aware of the dignity we have as His sons and daughters. This light shines forth so as we live our lives His divine light enters this world in the way we think about, act upon and love one another.

As we celebrate Christmas I hope you can find some time to become aware of this huge gift sent to you by an ever-loving God. Have a merry and blessed Christmas

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